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Kivu Coffee: MUUNGANO 250g

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Kivu is a curated coffee project from DR Congo roasting in Hackney, that aims to share some of the country’s finest speciality coffee while building awareness and local community support through promoting creativity.
With music and photography at their core, Kivu commissions local and international artists to create work inspired by the country of origin, making coffee a unique platform for new cross-cultural storytelling.
£1 per bag is contributed to the Panzi Hospital for Women in Bukavu, DR Congo.

Muungano, meaning “togetherness” in Swahili, is a limited edition, single origin from the Kivu Region of DR Congo.
The coffee in this region is grown in the mountains surrounding Lake Kivu at extremely high altitudes that range between 1600-2000m.

Dark Chocolate • Fresh Fig • Velvet Volcanic Soil • Certified Organic Delicious Served as Filter or Espresso