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Cast Iron Kettle

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Made in Mizusawa region of Iwate where there is 900 years of history in casting iron production.
With a good care, cast iron kettle can be passed on to future generations. Water boiled in this kettle will be iron rich water and taste milder and better.

Materials: Cast Iron
Dimensions: Ø18cm, H10cm/ H20cm with the handle up
Weight: 2.4 kg
Volume: 1.5L

Before use, rinse inside and boil water for two or three times to get it cleaned.
It can be used on both gas hob and IH.
Entire kettle is made of cast iron that once it is heated, the handle also gets hot. Do use thick cloth to handle it so that you won't burn yourself.
Only to be hand washed when needed with soft cloth, never rub it with hard material or scratch the surface.
Always stored in dry place. Dampness can be the cause of the rust.
Its rough surface might scratch your table. Do put on a pot rest so that you won't damage your table surface.

By using it repeatedly, it will build up a layer of minerals in the tap water. This film of the minerals are good for the kettle to keep it away from rusting. For the first month of use, it is recommended to use the kettle everyday so that you can build this film inside the kettle and protect it from rusting. It is good to keep it at low to medium flame to boil water then. Please do not wash this layer of minerals off.

Even with some care, it can sometimes get rust if the kettle is not used daily or kept away for a period of time. If it does rust, then you can brush the rust off and boil water with a tea spoon full of green tea leaves. Boil tea leaves and keep it on the hob at low heat for 30 mins. Stop the heat, and leave the kettle as it is for 10hours. Tanning from tea leaves will react with iron and it will turn the water black and make the film that protects it from rust again. Rinse it off and then bring water to boil. Hopefully, you can save the kettle and use it again without rusting it further.