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Hand thrown Porcelain Tableware by Elliott Ceramics

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Elliott Ceramics is the work of South London based potter Elliott Denny.
Working mainly in thrown porcelain Elliott has a minimalist approach to pottery, carefully considering each design, stripping away excess details to create beautifully modest tableware.

A muted colour palette complements these simple forms, stain is worked into the body of the clay and thrown on the wheel. As the stain disperses throughout the porcelain, it leaves a subtle record of the makers touch and the rotation of the wheel.

The exterior of each piece is unglazed and sanded smooth whilst a clear glaze is applied to the interior to seal the surface and create a contrast between inside and out.

Elliott's route to contemporary pottery was born from a love of process and making, alongside ceramics he practices as a printmaker and designer working with analogue techniques such as letterpress and stencil duplicating.

Bowl: ø14cm
Breakfast Plate: ø20cm
Dinner Plate: ø24cm